The Spotted Quarterly Report [Q1 2018] - Hero Visual-1If you’re engaged in the business of celebrity, media, endorsement, or entertainment -- whether as a leader at a brand, agency, production company, or publication -- the Spotted Quarterly Report on Q1 2018 will tell you what you need to know about the trends shaping the industry’s immediate future.

Pulling from Spotted's database of over 22,000 brands and 12,000 celebrities, the report will provide exclusive insights into:


  • The brands celebrities had the greatest natural affinity for in Q1 2018

  • Which celebrities saw the greatest rise in relevance and which celebrities were most stagnant in Q1 2018

  • The up-and-coming celebrities gaining the most momentum right now

  • The top consumer segments to watch and which celebrities may be able to help you best resonate with them

  • Consumer perception of Q1 2018 celebrity endorsements and partnerships

  • The larger cultural trends that may be influencing endorsement

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